About Us

Mircomm is a Perth based company, originally founded in 2009 under parent company MIRCS Pty Ltd. Our goal is to deliver a high-quality service for all aspects of the telecommunications, security and electrical industry fields. Our continual desire to grow and improve has seen us work alongside major industry leaders in our fields. We have gathered nearly a decade-long years of experience on projects of large and small scale, both locally and nationally.

Our company is dedicated to creating a brand that foresees high-quality workmanship with an easy and transparent approach with clients and customers. Our team of trained professionals are up-skilled regularly to ensure the highest of standards and a continual commitment to our safety first policy.

Recently rebranded as Mircomm Group (Mircomm Telecommunications, Mircomm Electrical and Mircomm Security) we look to incorporate our desire for high quality in all three arms of our business.