Mircomm security services


Mircomm offers a range of options with a diverse range of products and fields including commercial, industrial, residential, health and aged care. If it’s a fully integrated access control, security, intercom and IP camera system on a multi-story apartment building or a home intruder detection/automation system, we deliver individualised services to suit our clients and customers.


We can provide a variety of CCTV solutions, from analogue to IP and wireless. For over a decade we have worked closely with our clients to ensure quality domestic installation. Mircomm offers a start to finish solution to commercial and industrial clients, starting with an onsite appraisal from one of our in-house experts. CCTV can be used for more than security purposes with OHS, staff training, industrial monitoring, and mining applications. We only use trusted brands such as:

  • Hik-vision
  • Dahua
  • Bosch
  • Samsung
  • Risco


Mircomm offers access control that puts you in charge. Access Control is becoming an increasingly popular technology that can drastically improve the overall effectiveness of your current security solution. It allows you to control which parts of your home or business can be accessed via designated entry points and determine at what times personnel can enter.

It allows the owner to have complete control over who comes and goes, what time and areas people can access and also a complete history log of the system and its users if required. Our services include:

  • Strike Gates/Doors
  • Card/Fob Access Keys
  • Finger Print Access
  • Facial Recognition
  • Intercom Integration


Mircomm caters for all needs when it comes to home/business security. We happily complete an onsite appraisal of the property taking into consideration our customers’ expectations and what they wish to protect. With everyone’s needs differing we offer tailor approved systems to account for different budgets and needs. We will happily work alongside you during pre-build construction for new homes, our after sales service entails a training process with the customer to ensure you are across your new system. With each system being different we offer a range of additional services to ensure customer security including:

  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Pet Sensitive Detectors
  • Perimeter Alarms
  • Vibration Sensors
  • Tamper Switches


Our intercom systems play an important role in screening visitors at your home or business. There is no need to open a door without your visual inspection and secondly the option of granting them access with one of our integrated systems.

Video intercom systems play an important role in both personal and business security as well as inter-room communication. We can design and install systems that electronically open multiple doors or gates and can have extra video stations fitted inside the home or office.